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According to an extensive survey, no-till farming, a key conservation agriculture strategy that avoids conventional plowing and otherwise disturbing the soil, may not bring a hoped-for boost in crop yields in much of the world.

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Distillate, Crude and Gasoline Stocks

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The drop in corn prices in recent months represents a tremendous change in the feed cost environment for cattle producers.

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Shrink is the loss of weight caused by drying and handling the grain and is expressed as a percentage of the original quantity. It is a loss of revenue associated with mechanically drying corn. Corn buyers account for shrink by discounting the price per bushel that

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Congrats to Ryon Berry and Rachael Hoyer! This year CHS Midwest Cooperatives had four crop test plots in Philip, Onida, Pierre and Highmore. This year was the 1st annual Midwest Cooperatives Innovation Plot Contest. Each team choose a specialty a
As a cooperative system we feel its important to support Ag in your communities!
Congrats on first place!!!



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